Toy Tuesday: The Best ‘Street Fighter’ Toys

Tamashii Nations Ryu Figure

Let’s start off with the iconic protagonist of every single Street Fighter game. Ryu laid the groundwork for what a fighting game character should be, and he’s appeared in dozens of games laying down fireballs and rising uppercuts to anybody who challenges him. This ultra-detailed Tamashii Nations figure is exceptionally poseable, meaning you can recreate pretty much every one of his iconic moves on your shelf. He even comes with a backdrop and plastic Hadouken with stand. If you’re building a Street Fighter toy collection, this should be your first player.

It may seem bizarre to buy a figure of the India-born fighter that doesn’t move, but how would any normal action figure ever manage to match his stretchy limbs? I mean, aside from a “Stretch Armstrong”-style rubber thing. You might not be able to pull this one around like taffy, but as a PVC model it’s super dope. Dhalsim is puffed up and releasing his signature Yoga Inferno attack, ready to incinerate any foolish jump-ins who didn’t notice that he had a full bar of super meter. Really nice paint job and comes with a backdrop that mimics his SFII stage.