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Our extensive experience on the promotional industry, be it for toys, wares or other gifts has given Dowella ample tools to provide customers with quality product and services while also looking after our customers bottom line.


Dowella Sales and Merchandiser Departments have the knowledge to answer your questions quickly and at the same time propose easy and cheap solutions to your price problems. Our team of engineers will provide you with the solutions needed to have a product that is cosmetically, structurally and functionality sound while our Production Department will make sure that the product is mass produced with the right quality in a timely manner.



Dowella is a one stop solution for your projects, not only due its “in-house” capabilities and expertise but also for its ability to outsource for particular products (dust free room, food grade packaging) when needed.

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Do not hesitate to reach out if you need us to provide you with a quote for your product or project or even if you require more information for one of the products on display on our website. One of our Sales Representatives will get back to you within 24 hours.

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