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It is quite common in the industry for customers to start projects with nothing more than a hand-drawn picture of their product. At Dowella, we take pride in taking this idea of a product and realize it by giving its form, size, functionality, cosmetic and building requirements, and other details. Our customers can take this 3D modeling and easily envision how their product will look like while at the same time be able to make corrections and modifications. Our prototypes will be a 90% representation of the final product, and it is the stage that will allow our customers to decide to proceed with the mass production of the product or not.



During the review stage of the project, we will look at the product idea and analyze it with our engineers. We will then provide customers with information as to what materials to use, how to achieve specific functionality and cosmetics, and possible quality issues. We will, of course, provide customers with the price for the product.

3d modelling

3D Modeling

After the review process and the confirmation of the product specifications, we will go ahead and do a 3D modeling of the item for the customer’s review. We will send this modeling to the customer for an examination where the customer can make some more changes before the final shape of the product is confirmed.



The approved 3D modeling is either 3D printed, sculpted using ABS material, or both, depending on the complexity of the product. With the product finally coming to life, we will then we able to further review it. If there is a need for further structural changes or any other improvements that may not be visible on the 3D modeling, we make them here. The prototype will be also fully painted or customized (can also be functional if requested by the customer).

Final Approval

After the last review of the prototype and approval by the customer, we will consider the product as approved. Dowella will analyze the extent of any changes needed and then decide if a new prototype is required. If rapid prototyping will be enough to make sure the changes are ok or if just the changes made on the 3D modeling are ok to go to the tooling process.

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