Dowella makes a wide range of promotional toys, from collectibles for retail and food industry to slimy and squeeze toys. Our line also includes bath toys and money banks.


Dowella specializes in cups, food container and water bottles. We provide these wares to cinemas and retail manly and has provided us with extensive experience on working with licensed products.


Our small but powerful line of electronics products, includes mostly LED light products that are made as promotional merchandise on some of the World’s largest Theme Parks. Our range also include some table lamps and BT speakers.


Many of Dowella’s products are promotional gifts such as keychains and other plastic giveaways and stationary including stamps and decorations for pen and pencils as well as some Seasonal gifts for Halloween and Christmas.


Our extensive experience on the promotional industry has given us ample tools to provide customers with quality product and services while also looking after our customer’s bottom line.
Our Sales Representatives will discuss with you your needs for your product (materials, functionality, cosmetic, price, quantity, tentative shipping date); the Engineering Team has the experience and ability to design and build your product based on your requirements while our Production Team is the one that will make sure the product will be mass produced with the quality requested in a timely manner, regardless of the product complexity.


Why Choose Dowella

Since 2008 Dowella has worked in countless projects for Promotional Toys, Wares, Electronics, Gifts, Stationaries and Seasonal Items.

Working with customers all over the world with so many different items, has allowed us to build strong teams both in the front and back end of our operations, not only providing quality services and prices to our customers but also gaining expertise on the developing and manufacturing of all these different products.

Get A Quote Today

Do not hesitate to reach out if you need us to provide you with a quote for your product or project or even if you require more information for one of the products on display on our website. One of our Sales Representatives will get back to you within 24 hours.

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